PEACE in 39 Languages

By Pravrajika Akhanda–prana
Call & response style.

A1. Peace (English) Paz (Spanish) Pache (Italian, Romanian)
A2. Pax (Latin) Axti (Avestan of Persia) Ashtee (Pashto, Farsi)
A3. Salam (Arabic) Shalom (Hebrew) Shalama (Aramaic)
A4. Shi (Gaelic) Shiwa (Tibetan) Shanti (Sanskrit etc.)
A5. Suhl (Old Turkish, Arabic, Urdu etc.) Solh (Persian, Farsi) Sola (Pashto, Afg.)
A6. Heian (Japanese) Heping (Mandarin Chinese) Hoa Binh (Vietnamese)
A7. Hetep (Egyptian) Here (Mali–Bambara) Haeana (Bolivia–Aymara)

B1. Irq (Ethiopia–Amharic) Eyuwi (Nez Perce) Eirene (Greek)
B2. Fred (Swedish, Danish) Vrede (Dutch) Friede (German)
B3. Mir (Russian) Miers (Latvian) Miru (Old Church Slavonic)
B4. Emem (Nigeria–Efik) Aman (Urdu, Malay) Amani (Swahili)
B5. Amniat (Persian) Amaithi (Tamil) Amahoro (Rundi, Kinyarwandu)
B6. Hozho (Navajo) Wolakota (Lakota) Skennenkoewa (Iroquois–Mohawk)

C1. Ament (Egyptian) Amen (Latin, etc.)
C2. Aymen (USA variant) Amiin (Arabic & Orthodox)
C3. Ameyn (Hebrew, Aramaic) Omeyn (Ashkenazi Jews of W. Slovakia etc.)
C4. Uumeyn (Ashkenazi Jews of E. Slovakia etc.) Aum (India, also OM)

Aum Shanti Shanti Shantih
Peace, Peace, Peace be to all!


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“Peace is the natural state of affairs when that which prevents it is removed.” Dr. David R. Hawkins