Nuclear Disarmament is a viable way of winning the peace.

“The Atomic bomb has changed everything except man’s way of thinking.” — Albert Einstein

Nuclear Age Beginnings 1945 – 1960

A nuclear posture review should expose militarism at some degree towards its ultimate demise. Militarism isn’t solely the sale of weapons but the proliferation of weapons, violence and destruction under the guise of freedom, oppression and control. Since the dawn of the nuclear age when the United States, in an effort to end the war in the Pacific, fire–bombed entire cities to force a surrender by Japan. General Leslie Groves oversaw the development of the Atomic Bomb and its immediate deployment to a war zone.

Using the analogy of uranium being latent aggression lying dormant in the ground, uranium and plutonium enriched and configured into a weapon of mass destruction is an aggressive posture. It’s deployment and use on innocent civilians a crime against humanity.
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