Peace Pilgrimage: A Spiritual Journey

Cover Page Peace Pilgrimage: A Spiritual Journey is a collection of poems that span over thirty years. They are poems that have both immediacy and patience, charting the author's immersion in the spiritual–political search for inner and outer peace. It's a collection of poems that chronicle the author's growth as a developing voice, reflecting a deep love and connection with the earth. It tells of the yearning for community and its struggles once it is found. These are poems which have nurtured the author over the span of his pilgrimage by means of providing sanctuary, taught with tenderness and with the harshness of a cold north wind. Some poems are prayers; others, prophetic revelations for a hopeful tomorrow and tender reminiscences of our bond with the earth: Cover Page Sacred Earth. They are poems about a specific pilgrimage, yet with the hope of a shared universality. They are the author's offering in the search for beauty, wonder and community — seldom being disappointed in that search.