Haiku Meds: A Path of Healing and Recovery

Cover Page Haiku Meds is a collection of Haiku poetry documenting a path of recovery and healing from post traumatic stress and moral injury. Veterans and peaceful warriors of 21st century America need discipline and resources to navigate the way home from the war in their mind and body along with the healing of moral injury from one’s service. If we are to collectively escape from endless war, it will be the peaceful warriors who will lead in recovering the lost narrative of civility.

Read these haiku as individual and collective guideposts and let them be as sanctuary from the storms of the 21st century. These poetic offerings describe a path. They can serve as individual and collective meditations on resiliency. Understood in the light of trauma, recognition of the path of an authentic Shaman – Mitzvah wager of peace.

River As one allows the wound that each military veteran bears to come to consciousness, let the puzzle of your own trauma lead you to that inner wisdom.