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Peace Pilgrimage

Seize the Day, Dreamers

You ask,  “What for?
the world is ruled by mobsters,
extortionists and con–men (and women)
who like to interpret the law of the jungle
and make it sound civilized and legal.”

They’re really aggressive types,
willful and destructive
power mongers and war lords
drunk with greed.

Seize the day, gentle people,
artists, musicians, dreamers
of a heaven on earth
don’t follow their lead;
learn from your mistakes …
make the world a better place;
have the Spirit move you into action.

Seize the moment, dreamers
the nightmare is ending;
the underworld had it’s time in the sun;
study, prepare, participate;
the time is now and waiting
for your curtain call.

War is Like an Addiction

… but in the end …
who would have guessed
some caring person in a position of authority
would order a raging, gun–slinging male
to surrender and lay down his gun?
right there in the republic of Boulder Colorado
despite those who had already fallen victim
a megaphone sounded in the chaos and terror:

“Surrender and put down the gun” 
“We are Boulder Police.”
They came and ushered him away in the cold
in his skivvies and his leg bloodied.

How many? … How senseless …
this living nightmare!
this authoritative voice reached
through the chilled fear
that we might be able to learn something
from all this futility and terror …
this war could be won with
understanding and solid police work 
in the line of fire.

“Put down your guns and surrender
joint chiefs of mayhem and corruption”

Let the torch be passed to a new generation.   
We thank you all for your service
to our beloved nation. 
Bring the troops home now Joe, NOW!
We aren’t at war with anyone, but ourselves.

Haiku Meds

Earth has veins of gold
so it is with compassion
in the hearts of men

They said she possessed 
the ultimate charged weapon:
Conscious awareness!

The Monks are coming
Knights soldiers, artists to serve
On King Arthur's court.

Of life's causes and effects
The battle within.

All is leverage
When it comes to lifting veil
Be willing to go.

Peace is coming soon!
to teach us master class on
poetic justice

Going Toward Lighter Days

Stability is a relaxed nuclear posture
A time out from militarism
Are you guys insane or something?

Arrogance will be lost
When empire is abandoned
Security was never with nukes.

They were illegal from day one
Trump and his underworld connections
Nuclear weapons and their syndicated crimes.

It's like World War Two!
War doesn't solve the underlying problem
It only exacerbates.

Suicide prevention at the pentagon
Is a willingness to abandon nukes
Re–purpose the troops.

Our once proud nation is being humbled
To its soul and why not?
Exceptionally militant is not cool.

Peace Pilgrimage

Land Acknowledgement

How does one acknowledge the land 
but consciously?
The land was made sacred by the ancestors 
who settled here on Turtle Island.
Human Beings who respected Mother Earth.

We all arrived here at different times, seasons,
under circumstances as refugees and seekers.
Human Beings who arrived here on Turtle Isle   
had ample land and time to establish
safe and healthy hunting grounds.

European settlers seized an opportunity
to subdue, own, and exploit the land to the 
detriment of healthy bounds.

We acknowledge a need to reconcile past 
abuses to the land; of the native peoples 
who were just stewards of such natural beauty;
Establish a just social compact of economy 
based on mutual respect, tolerance, 
the right to a home and 
livelihood; healthy communities, 
where war and inequality are outlawed.

We acknowledge that the land we stand upon 
is Sacred and in stating so, 
we seek restorative justice to heal the wounds 
of exploitation, injustice and forever wars.

This land is your land; this land is our land.
We here acknowledge the land one stands on   
blessed and sacred … indivisible, 
with liberty and justice and happiness for all!

Mythic Cabaret

Standing Rock

You won’t defeat terrorism with bombs
It doesn’t even have to be a turf war
the birds and animals give us all that
there is plenty of room in our great land
for all to thrive, prosper in harmony;
there is beauty in feeling ownership
of your soul, America! nothing to be afraid of … 
We came to this land
to become one with it;
not to dominate, or make a whore
of the land and have
mutual dominion of resources.
70 years of militarism and nothing
but divisions amongst us?
There is no freedom in hate
There’s nothing but fear &
our forefather’s sins violating
our right to full reconciliation.
Happiness is not something elusive
to chase, conquer or control;
It happens when you respect “the other”
As the patriarch Abraham blessed us
with a story within, there will we find:
dignity, respect,  liberty …
the right to be true Americans!