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“The Last Honest Man”

The CIA, The FBI, The Mafia & One Senator's Fight to Save Democracy

by James Risen

Hour For Peace
Poem of the Season

Coming Home

Do what needs to be done.
It’s time to come home
from the war in your mind;
It’s time to come home
from that war
whatever war …
that scarred your soul
the war that only we can end
together …
the causes … the effects …
the hindsight …
perseverance like a dividend
but come home we must.

Are we not prisoners of war?
Is it not time to act
on all that we know to be true?
Is it not the time
to be waging peace, poetry
in rhyme with veteran unity,
Be part of the disclosure
conscientious objectors
to the scam
demonstrate what we’ve learned
in our engagements with
the brotherhood and sisterhood
of service veterans …
betrayed and stigmatized
but proven Americans;
rescue them from broken treaties
from broken families …
from their wars and prisons
the separations; the hate bombs
this crisis of leadership
of magnanimous proportions;
foul on those who sow division.

It’s not about being arrested
Its now about creating the future
doing what is right …
bring home our troops
and veterans … seek them out
offer your hand
reach across false borders
bring them home
no more stigmatizing
no more feeling afraid
challenge the cold hearted brigade
with a legal and moral stand
they will melt under light
of linked righteousness
our Soul renewed,
not forgotten
This must happen:
pull the fuel rods
of the chain of command.

We are all prisoners of war
needless war
yearning to be liberated
yearning for happiness
from this dungeon of
shadow and fear;
standing down to
the divide between us all
we move forward writing
letters to humans instead;
born again Americans
envisioning unified fields
of action;
the veteran book of the dead;
all the wisdom
and all the lessons
learned as evidence.

Come home to a simmering
pot of soup and a loaf of
homemade buttered bread.
When the call was made
years in the past
we gave up our lives,
we gave up our civil rights.
Now the call is to
make it safe for democracy.
make it safe for
the returning vet …
make it safe from
genocidal terrorists;
but first and foremost
make it safe for
future generations.
No more hate
re-purpose now …
no excuses and no more lies!
If freedom isn’t free,
then what is?
Peace of mind …
trumps everything else.


Poetry Saves …
activate our healing
now, Great Spirit
Does America have
the will to unite
as the so called
ruling elites
and armament makers’ scam
is only good for
profits and mayhem …

Poetry saves lives
re-purpose our lives,
Great Spirit
bring home the troops
let them save each other,
our nation and the rule of law …
let’s cure our nation’s
Addiction to Nukes!

Us versus them is passé
nuclear disarmament is urgency
We’re all in this together
let our voices be heard
and let it be called,
We, The People …

We, the people
will be the referee
and the judge.
the legions of veterans
will be the liberating
army of sanity.
Stand Down war–lords!

We, the people,
do claim our sacred ground
as the Great Spirit
claims sacred spaces
bring an end to the madness
of Nuclear terror
in turn restore
each person’s dignity
and self–respect …
seize the day
and bless this moment!


If it weren’t so,
wouldn’t be sharing this;
What entitles me is
surviving the cyber grenades
of misinformation, its deception,
the shrapnel of its lies,
the misplaced brutality,
the underlying psychotic
projections and abuse.
It is the truth
of committing poetry
that gives one the permission
to expose the conspiracy.
War … is the conspiracy theory!
Spun by dupes,
warlords and the wicked
If we’re not writing poetry
We’re waging it, committing it
… digesting it.
Imagine! You have one foot
in heaven
and one foot in hell
and you have to figure out
how to survive the adolescent
onslaught of war.
Its failure as a business plan.
So I thank Divine Principal
that made me a conscientious objector
to the scam of war,
it’s violations of sovereignty
and peaceful being.
Being a c – o means you
don’t subscribe to the madness
you abhor everything war does
to the human soul
to the moral order and
to the innocent and sane.
being a c – o means you
are the commanding officer
of exposing the scam;
speaking truth to the lies;
being in charge of your
pursuit of happiness;
of your healing, and in
solidarity with others
healing from war’s trauma,
moral and physical woundings;
being a c – o frees you
from the duping and taunts,
to think freely and
outside pandora’s box
healing non–violent warriors
for the liberation of the oppressed,
the marginalized … Imagine!
Is it true?
or is it misinformation?
Now is the time for all
those of conscience to Demonstrate.

Exposing Militarism Blog

Realistic Hope

One reason we are on the brink of nuclear war is that the use of such horrifying weapons on Japan in August of 1945 was a war crime that has been covered up to this day.

Nuclear weapons have cast a Sorcerer’s spell
on the nations that possess them …
crystallizing into conscientious reflection
leading to outright objection! –puma paul

The International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) is leading the charge for nuclear weapon abolition. It is now illegal under International law to possess nuclear weapons. The “Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons”, an international agreement to abolish nuclear weapons, was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2017 with 122 nations in favor. The Treaty became law on January 22, 2021. Banned would be the development, testing, production, stockpiling, stationing, transfer, use and threat of use of nuclear weapons. In turn, this empowers, ‘We the People.’ Thank you ICAN! The big problem is the P5 nations(the United States, Russia, China, France and Great Britain) have not signed on to the treaty. “We can eliminate these weapons before they eliminate us.”

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Standing Army

When I was growing up during the cold war, a neighbor of mine offered his thoughts on the nation he loved: “America will never be defeated from without, but it was most vulnerable to the enemy within”. My neighbor was an American army medic during WWII and a respected policeman. His words have stayed with me throughout my life: Even George Washington, warned Americans of the dangers a standing army would pose to our constitutional government.
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Conscientious Objector Status

To: The United States of America’s Military Leadership and Personnel:

Did we not as active duty members of the armed forces and the greater Veteran community pledge to defend the constitution of the United States of America? Is not the increasing privatization of the United States Military creating a corrupt and reckless regime in our midst? Don’t we as veterans of conscience and patriotism have a responsibility here?
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Veteran Symposium

If I were to offer advice to veterans starting civilian life It would first of all include Conscientious Objector status. A path of conscientious objector status to what's happening now, would be this, not necessarily in the order to follow:
1)Militarism under Nuclear hegemony is a proven failed ideology.
2)Every war since WWI has been an illegal war.
3)Your duty to our nation’s military is over.
4)Your duty to our nation is entering a new chapter. Seize this opportunity to learn, grow and cultivate the human being you are to its fullest potential.

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Commission for National Reconciliation

General Omar Bradley once said, “The World has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than about peace.” Is it not time to remove the “chip” off the shoulder of “American exceptional–ism” or at least create a path toward conscientious objection to this madness and toward creating a Commission on National Reconciliation?
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War Illegal

August 27th is the anniversary of the signing of the Kellogg-Briand Pact. Signed by President Hoover in 1928, it was drafted by Secretary of State, Frank Kellogg and France’s Foreign Minister Aristide Briand in the aftermath of the genocide that is commonly known As World War I. They won a Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. The pact, outlawing war as an instrument of policy, was signed by several countries including the United States, France, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union among the 2 dozen countries agreeing that war is not acceptable. The Kellogg–Brand Act was ratified by the United States Senate by a vote of 85 to 1 making it the law of our land under Article 6 of our Constitution.
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Pentagon Fears Accountability

It’s time we ask the Joint Chiefs of Staff who they really work for. What the top brass at the Pentagon really fear is being held accountable.
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Dupes & Leaders

There was an article in Bulletin of Atomic Scientists awhile back, co–written by David Halloway & Nina Tannenwald, claiming Vladimir Putin was wrong when he stated that the United States set a precedent when it detonated 2 Atomic bombs on Japan near the end of World War II. The authors concur that it was correct that the United States did in fact use nuclear weapons. The authors were quick to claim that Putin is wrong to claim the 1945 “precedent” as a justification for the use of a nuclear weapon.

Putin was simply stating a fact. The precedent was ‘self–evident’ truth. Yet these ‘dupes’ managed to configure a Putin must be a mad–man narrative for threatening to utilize nuclear weapons in the Special Military Operation. Most dupes of denial are still trying to figure out what Putin is thinking and are failing because of their own prejudiced projection.

The authors acknowledge, “since 1945 there have been numerous resolutions in the United Nations emphasizing the truth of nuclear weapons as instruments of terror and mass destruction and that nuclear war must be avoided.” Even the nuclear–armed states, including the Soviet Union and now Russia, justify nuclear weapon possession as preventing all out civilization–ending nuclear war. This is the so called “deterrent” aspect of nukes.

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What Would a Peace Treaty Look Like in Ukraine?

Draft of a Peace Treaty for Ukraine and Europe

* Legend: NGO — Non–Governmental Organization
* PLI — Peace Literacy Institute
* UN — United Nations
* States — Nations of Europe for Collective Security
* Veterans Peace Fellowship — Any veteran organization for ending armed conflict
* We the People — A Federation of People (e.g. WTP) * for Democracy and Cooperation
e.g. Rotary International
* A Peace Treaty for Ukraine comes as a loss of and for NATO …
* The alliance was all about aggression & hegemony.
* As the deferred peace treaty of world war 2.
* As a win for We, the People …
* UN Involvement in Peace Treaty with enforcement of treaty with * NGO Involvement in Treaty implementation on the ground in Ukraine and Buffer States.

* As part of a comprehensive peace proposal:
• Immediate Ceasefire and negotiations for peace settlement to include:
• End of all hostilities East and West Ukraine.
• Nuclear Disarmament talks to Commence with the “P5” nations.
• Signing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons by Russia, United States, France, China & Great Britain.
• De-commissioning, one ICBM at–a-time, of United States & Russia’s land based ICBM missiles as a good faith gesture towards P5 nuclear disarmament. (States-We the People-Veterans Peace Fellowship)
• NATO Weapons shipments stopped.
• NATO arsenals removed from Buffer states and Ukraine.
• Complete de-militarization of Ukraine including foreign mercenaries.
• Cooperation among Ukrainian defense forces will be to safeguard the • reconstruction and safety of Ukrainian returning refugees.
• Ukraine to be a neutral and de-militarized State (like Austria & Ireland)
• Buffer zone States to extend and include: (States-NGO)
• Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova and Finland
• Buffer states will host refugee centers. (States-NGO) • Russia could manage refugee centers in Donbass and in Russia.
• *No Ukrainian refugees in America.
• Cultural East & West mend old wounds and Moral Injury.
• The United States of American will establish refugee centers in
America to host refugees from Central America, South America,
and Afghanistan, along with America’s endless war refugees,
the Homeless. (America’s true war refugees)
• Only humanitarian aid will serve Ukraine. (NGO-UN)
• NATO defensive & offensive missile positions abandoned or removed throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. (States)
• Ukrainians will train in & practice grass roots democracy. (PLI-NGO)
• Key issue here is refugees.
Ukrainians would be more stressed being further from their families.
Those nations bearing the financial cost of re-Building Ukraine infrastructure:
Russia, the United States and former NATO nations. (States -UN)
• Operation of Refugee Centers.
Every Refugee Center will include: • Rotary International Cultures of Peace model, and have Rotary International Members facilitate with Host nation, the Culture of Peace model. (NGO)
• Poor People’s Campaign to become new Pentagon auditors. (as part of peace treaty!) (NGO)
• Retirement packages voided for all Generals complicit in war crimes including staging nuclear brinksmanship during the Ukraine war. (We,the People)
• We, the People, can’t leave a Peace Treaty to the ‘experts” (NGO-WTP)
• The United States’ lame' diplomatic team replaced by a true Peace Literacy Institute Diplomatic Team. (States-PLI-NGO)
• *Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Defense Austin removed from their positions of responsibility and demoted, including Under-Secretary Nuland, a Nazi perpetrator, along with War Criminals Who exercise nuclear brinksmanship in war games. (States-PLI)
• War crimes tribunals set up in and under the auspices of a Truth & Reconciliation Commission.
No punitive action toward Putin or Russia.
• Restorative Justice the aim of Treaty implementation. (PLI) • Recommend creating such a Think Tank to replace the failed, corrupt and failed think tanks the Pentagon has contracted out to over the years. (States-NGO-PLI)
• Keeping refugees in Buffer zone states of neutrality will keep refugees safe until processed by U.N. who will be General contractor of refugee camps. (UN-States-NGO-PLI)
• A goal of complete Nuclear Disarmament and de-militarization in Russia, Ukraine, The United States and NATO member states. (All Parties)
• Amnesty for all Conscientious Objectors and Prisoners of War.
* Not necessarily in that order; This is a draft peace treaty.