20th Annual Hour For Peace

“Celebrating Community”

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Saturday, December 31, 2005
4:45 AM MST (almost 12 noon Greenwich time)

Fort Collins Senior Center

1200 Raintree Drive
(1 Block Northwest of the Shields/Drake Intersection)
Fort Collins, CO 80526

This year's 20th Annual theme is “Celebrating Community.” Anyone, regardless of age, sex, color, religion, nationality, or political affiliation can embrace peace. We've seen what endless war has done for our world. Why not try a different way? Why not embrace peace? What have we got to lose? This year's Hour for Peace will celebrate peace and invite all to become a part of it — and to let it become a part of you.

Doors will open at 4:40 am to allow everyone to get settled before the 20 minutes of silence begin.

The program will begin with 20 minutes of silence for peace starting at 5:00 am (which is 12 noon Greenwich time) to link with millions around the world in simultaneous thoughts for peace. We ask that you bring your attention to peace in whatever way is comfortable for you — by silently invoking the word “peace,” by meditating, by praying, or by imagining a peaceful place, situation or person, or the Earth surrounded by the “light of peace.” (If you happen to bring your cell phone with you at this early hour, please make sure it is completely off. In a quiet environment, even a vibrating phone can be loud!)

Following the silence will be a wonderful program of varied people who will share with you their own unique versions of peace.

4:45 A.M.

5:00 A.M.

Community Offering

Peace Circle Music

6:15 A.M.

Please note, the Hour For Peace is supported exclusively by donations. Please help us continue this great tradition by making a donation on your way out. You can also make donations in any of the following ways:

1. Send a check (made to Institute for Peace) or credit card number to 1605 W. Mulberry St., Ft. Collins, CO 80521
2. Call 493-1495 with your pledge, donation intention or your credit card number
3. Email us to let your donation intention be known. We will call you to follow up.

If you're inspired to perform, speak or help out in any way, please contact Cheryl Beckett at Cheryl.Beckett@comcast.net.