A Peace Chain started on October 15, 2005, in Fort Collins, Colorado to join together ideas, actions and wishes for Peace. Travelling from group to group, it ended up decorating the Fort Collins Senior Center for the December 31st Hour For Peace.

Since then, many peace chains have been made by individuals and groups to decorate the Hour For Peace on December 31, and other peace events throughout the year. It’s a great activity for children … of all ages!


1. On a piece of paper (approximately 2 inches x 8 inches) write a peace wish or the action you will take to bring more peace into your life, the community or the world. Color it and add drawings or anything to celebrate your peaceful action. STAPLE it to the next link so that it is strong. Invite everyone of all ages in your organization to participate. Read some of the other links out loud. Feel the strength of joining with others and imagine this beautiful peace chain long enough to circle around the earth.

2. Keep it moving and growing so it can be passed along to other peace organizations and events.

“When I listen for Peace, I hear it. When I look for Happiness, I see it. When I touch joy, I feel it.”
Howard Wallin

Email Your Friends an Invitation to the Hour for Peace

Email to be Circulated Globally — Please copy & paste to email your friends!

To all peacemakers:

Peace starts with a single person and evolves into the art of practicing and living peace on a global level. We encourage you to participate in an annual international event that began in 1984 called The Hour For Peace. This event has been attended around the world by millions of people of all philosophies synchronizing in a simultaneous global mind-–ink of meditation and prayer every December 31 at noon Greenwich time.

For more history and information, check out our web site at www.HourForPeace.org. Also, please go to our Facebook Page, “Hour For Peace NoCo” for up–to–date posts. “Like” us and be counted as someone willing to commit to and join in this peaceful endeavor.

Check your local calendar of events to see if your community has a gathering. If not, consider joining with family and friends in small groups, or participate in your own private way. Be creative in your art of practicing peace and enjoy the peace it brings you.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

Ongoing Daily Pause for Peace at Noon Your Local Time

“Let's roll!” These were the decisive, world famous words that Todd Beamer spoke to the team of people on United Airlines flight #93 traveling on September 11, 2001. Those people did roll. They were willing and ready to work together and take right action to make a difference. They became instant heroes and heroines and live on in our hearts to inspire us.

“Let's roll!” Let's work together and take right action to make a difference. Let's roll peace waves across our planet continuously. Each day at noon, your time zone, take a moment to pause for peace. In your own way, pray for peace, visualize peace, experience peace, be in touch with your own art of living peace and feel gratitude for the peace that does exist. Feel the waves of peace being created by thoughtful, loving people from all around our world.

Blessed are the peacemakers!

Join our Meetup Group: www.meetup.com/Peacemakers-of-Northern-Colorado

Peacemakers of Northern Colorado is for people who seek to practice and create peace in their own lives and in the world. We support events throughout the year that promote peace, interfaith cooperation, and inter–cultural understanding, often collaborating with other peace, faith and humanitarian organizations. Our focal event is the December 31st International Hour For Peace observed all over the planet at noon Greenwich time, which is 5:00 a.m. Mountain Time.

PRAY! See Prayers for Peace from Many Faiths, www.hourforpeace.org/prayforpeace


International Hour For Peace Website — www.Quartus.org/WorldHealingDay.html

John Randolph Price World Healing Meditation — www.quartus.org/world-healing-day/world-healing-meditation

Locations of events all over the world — www.quartus.org/world-healing-day/locations/

History of the Hour For Peace — www.hourforpeace.org/history.html

Prayers For Peace From Many Faiths — www.hourforpeace.org/prayers.html

Peace in Many Languages — www.hourforpeace.org/languages.html

On Facebook: International Hour For Peace, Northern Colorado

Paul K. Chappell’s work on “Waged Peace” and “The Road to Peace” Book Series — www.paulkchappell.com, www.peaceliteracy.org, www.peacefulrevolution.com

Peace Literacy Study Group: 4th Sunday of each month, 6 pm, at the Quaker Meeting House, 2222 West Vine Drive, Fort Collins. Sponsored by the Northern Colorado Chapter of Veterans For Peace. For details, contact Paul Gessler, [email protected].

If you feel inspired to participate in any of our Northern Colorado events in any way, please contact the regional coordinator, Dr. Victoria Gardner at Hour4peace@att.net, 970-663-9001. No contributions are too great or too small!

“Peace is the natural state of affairs when that which prevents it is removed.” Dr. David R. Hawkins